About Grace Home

Sense and Style: The Grace Home Story

It all began with a love affair with scents.

Grace Barbers-Baja, a devoted homemaker and a talented event hostess, has always believed in creating a complete experience. Whether it is creating the perfect nook at home or setting up an elaborate dinner party, it is her sensual approach to an occasion that leaves her family and guests cocooned in a luxuriant ambiance.

And for Grace, that meant utilizing the sense of smell to set her intended mood and ambiance. Her own home is witness to this; well-selected candles create the oasis she carefully designs for her family and guests.

And so Grace Home began with the creation of its signature product, the Grace Home Candle made of rose, talc, and basil. It was a product to encapsulate how she approached life as a mother, wife, and woman—with a mix of strength and femininity. It also reflected Grace’s belief and pursuit of quality, as she oversaw the entire process of making the idea come to life. The Grace Home Candle was revealed, eventually, as a hand-poured and specially designed candle made of premium beeswax, packaged beautifully in a glass jar and topped with a unique marble lid. Like everything Grace puts out, this candle must appeal to more than one sense; it must be as lovely to see and touch, as it is to smell. Style and function must come together seamlessly.

This approach to premium quality and beautifully-made products has cascaded down the entire Grace Home line which has grown to feature a modest yet varied selection of home accessories. Since its quiet launch in mid-2015 and its initial offering of one candle, two room fragrances and a limited edition stationery line, Grace Home has become a constant presence in lifestyle fairs and pop-up events, while finding its way on the pages of prestigious glossies and broadsheets.

When 2016 rolled in, this small venture set up shop in the online space and launched GraceHomeManila.com, a convenient and accessible way to browse and purchase all of Grace Home’s products, allowing anyone to shop from wherever they are. Today, a peek in this online shop reveals the entire range: Beeswax Candles, Room Fragrances, Throw Pillows, Bohemian Glassware, Fine Porcelain Tea Sets, Ceramic Stoneware, Table Linen and yes, even Skincare.

It has also expanded in retail outlets. Grace Home is available at high end boutiques like Makati Shangri-La Hotel Gift Shop, Philux Home, Cura V and Kultura as well as the successful virtual store, Seek the Uniq.

Recently, Grace Home hosted its biggest trunk show to date, to launch its latest series of products just in time for the holiday season. In tradition of previous trunk shows, it was a spectacular yet tasteful affair, marked with glorious food, gorgeous tablescapes, and a guest list composed of the chicest people who believe in both elegance and function.

As it had set out in the beginning, all of Grace Home’s products are designed to create a home that’s warm, luxurious, and inviting. Each item is created with the belief that no detail is too small to perfect—each piece has been marked with Grace’s personal touch and defined by her discerning sense of style.

Grace Home’s commitment to providing easy luxury in every home stems from a mission to impart the knowledge that with a few well-chosen and well-made items, anyone can create their own cozy home, elegant party, or private oasis with the least fuss and with much delight.

This holiday season, give the gift of Grace Home to your family and friends. Express your love, gratitude, and fondness for the special persons in your life by choosing a unique piece that they can enjoy in their own homes. Share your own love for the elegant functionality by choosing among Grace Home’s limited collections, knowing that these cannot be found anywhere else. Whether it’s to acknowledge your mom’s love of entertaining, the importance your best friend places on quality products, or your colleague’s penchant for decorating, there is a Grace Home item for everyone.

 --November 2016-- 


Grace Home is a line of home products that espouses the characteristics of functionality, elegance, and style. The items developed are all personally conceptualized by its founder, Grace Barbers-Baja, who ensures that all her products pass the highest quality standards to create a home that is warm, inviting and luxurious.

A quick introduction

In June 2015, Grace Barbers-Baja invited a few friends to dinner. Known for hosting events in her home, Grace is one who enjoys minding the little details, knowing that these make a world of a difference in her guests’ enjoyment. In most of her dinner parties at home, she tries to include a little surprise element here and there, much to her friends’ delight and amusement. This to her, is her own way of making the night more fun and memorable.

The surprise for that particular evening last June could not have been more unexpected. It was the reveal of Grace’s childhood dream: her role as the founder of a new venture, Grace Home, made up of a few but well-curated little luxuries for the home: a premium hand poured beeswax candle, custom designed room fragrances, quality paper and stationery products, as well as Turkish ceramics and plates from her most recent trip to Turkey.

Another surprise came six months later: the second candle from the Grace Home line was unveiled in a special thanksgiving holiday event, A Toast to the Holidays!

Dreams and beginnings

For the past three years, Grace Barbers-Baja has been sharing stories about her travels, love for food, and her lifestyle at home to readers who look forward to her day-to-day expressions of a sweet life. As The Spoiled Mummy, she has encouraged women to indulge in their simple pleasures, passion projects, and pursuits of happiness—always putting it out there that they should find their own ways to be spoiled.

Grace will be the first to acknowledge that blogging is still relatively new to her. As exciting and fulfilling as the endeavor has been, it is a mere extension of who she is: a mom and a homemaker. One, admittedly, who enjoys the finer things in life and prefers the best quality when it comes to things that she purchases—be it a delicious dessert or something for the home.

And in the years that she put out her persona in the public arena as The Spoiled Mummy, she left a lot of things unsaid: how she has been trained and experienced as a marketing professional, how her childhood pastime involved playing with toy cash registers and play money, and how she would find opportunities as a young girl to make a little extra cash selling trinkets or homemade food to classmates.

It turns out, to everyone’s pleasant surprise, that Grace has always been innately entrepreneurial.

When 2015 started, the idea of doing something more and going bigger had been on her mind. It was time, she thought, to start a new business—something that would encapsulate who she truly is, the private side her family and close friends know all too well.

After few quick and very busy months of secretly engaging in research, development, formulations and adjustments, Grace is ready to invite the public to experience more of her private space with her newest venture: Grace Home.

 --June 2015--