Yes, the holidays are in full swing and there is simply no more turning back!

And just like most of you, I am still writing my own Christmas list — gifts I want to give and gifts I would love to receive! And guess what, I am just halfway there! So in my attempt to help you guys manage your time, budget and resources during this crazy busy time, I have narrowed down some of my favorite things from Grace Home and have classified them according to recipient or its use!

And to make things easier and more convenient for you (as what online shopping is really all about), I have added the direct shopping link right under the product’s name and the blog link (or the story behind the product) right below the photo.

So whether you would like to spend 550 pesos or 5,000 pesos… I guarantee that you will surely find something practical and special in Grace Home’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016. Take a look :

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We are on the first week of December and the holidays are indeed in full swing! People are rushing to and fro, traffic is getting worse by the day as holiday parties increase in frequency and reunions just seem to happen one after the other! And I’m sure most of you (just like me) have been squeezing in some shopping time here and there to finish your Christmas list!

In my case, I am also busy handling the business and operations side of Grace Home Manila while of course, taking care of the three kiddos and ensuring the household runs smoothly especially during this mayhem period! I have also just began hosting my holiday parties here at home which means cleaning up, organizing, rearranging the house and cooking again in kitchen! I started it off yesterday with a small group of high school friends. In the coming days, I have more dinner parties scheduled… so expect a lot more of these posts on my Instagram!

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